Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu Monday

Well, I think I owe everyone an apology, I have been a lazy bum and have not been making my menus. This leads to dining chaos in our house. We can't decide what we want to eat, so dinner is late and generally full of random unhealthiness. And there is never enough for leftovers (aka-lunch)! So, that being said, I will TRY to make a conscious effort to not suck. Many apologies.

Mon: BLT's
Tues: Dinner & a Movie with C, E&F and Hubs
Wed: Grilled Chicken Salads
Thurs: Penne a la Vodka with meatballs (make extra and freeze 'em!)
Fri: OUT
Sat: OUT
Sun: OUT or leftovers

Dessert: Homemade frozen yogurt :-)

Mrs. A



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