Monday, September 8, 2008

And the saga continues...

Well hello again Chitlins! I know my blog entries have been greatly missed by all. I have been busy doing all kinds of stuff. Scrapbooking, hanging out with family...looking for a job. The usual rundown. So if any of my fans out there are looking for a communications person with an interest in special events - please let me know!!

Mark and I went to the Red Bull Soap Box Race in Manyunk (sp?) on Saturday and then went to his coworker Adam's house for the day. We really had a great time! The rain came down in buckets and we were soaked, but we had fun!

Sunday we went to the Renn Faire with Kay, Nanners, Seth and Kyle. We were the outcasts...we didn't dress up. Oh well, I'll post the pics later on. Overall, we had a great time!

No real big plans today that I am aware of. It is my baby brother's 16th birthday! Maybe I'll make dinner and surprise the family... maybe not, who knows.

Must shower and start the almighty job search over again.



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