Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my "closer to 30 than 20 birthday"
...I'm a grown up now? Ha! 
Enjoy your day!

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Mrs. A

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interview Outfits...maybe

Big interview next week! Super excited!! It's for a corporate marketing position (so grown up right?!) I had a really good phone interview with them this week and it sounds like an amazing opportunity, but I need to work on my "professional look." I have lots of clothes for a business casual work day, and a day in the park, but not much in the suit department. I took some pics of items that I do have (yes, I know you can't see my feet. I was using a self timer and couldn't tip the camera down). Yes, they are all a variation of the same black suit (ignore all the wrinkles). It's the only one that fits. The outfits are in order of my favorites (left to right). Yes, we are still going shopping on Sunday (outlets, maybe KOP? H&M has some great options too).

Ultimately, I would love a navy suit and a dress that could work with the navy blazer or be worn on it's own as a cocktail dress. I have these on my wish list:
{The Limited}
So, who wants to gift me a few hundred dollars? Heart heart.

Mrs. A

New Bedroom Decor

Good Morning Friends!

I have had a bee in my bonnet this week. I have a serious need to decorate and my husband has been gracious enough to help me. Over the past 4 days, my hubby and I have put up curtains, assembled a dresser, hung pictures, refinished jewelry hooks, hung jewelry hooks and cleaned (well, at least my side is clean). These pictures don't include the pictures we hung, you'll just have to come over and see (that means you Emily & Roselyn)
I'm liking it so far :-) We still need something above the bed. Maybe something round...

Mrs. A

Monday, July 30, 2012

Menu Monday

The menu for this week...

Monday: Cheeseburger Macaroni
Tuesday: Lasagna Roll Ups (freezer cooking)
Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken Salad
Thursday: Beef Stew (freezer cooking)
Friday: Leftovers
Weekend: TBD

Mrs. A

Oh IKEA...

IKEA. A love/hate story.

I love IKEA. It's like playland for adults. Emily and I spent an evening there last week. It was AWESOME. Then the next day is full of papercuts while assembling boxes. And the weekend is the true test:- furniture assembly. (alternative post title: IKEA: testing marriages everywhere.) We are now the proud owners of a new HEMNES dresser and we didn't kill each other! It actually went pretty well, this was the most that I've helped with a furniture assembly project. I assembled all the drawers. We only made the first 4 inside out (stupid cam locks..)
And to give our very black and white bedroom some color, I bought a set of JANETTE curtains (as did Emily). I can't wait to pick up some curtain rods and get those bad boys up on my wall. It will be awesome.
If only IKEA also came with a clothes put-er away-er (yes, I just wrote that. Seriously guys, it's a genuine need). In other news, the coffee table is really coming along! The bottom is painted (thanks for the paint B+R) , and the top still needs to be re-stained and polyurethaned, but it is looking great! During this lull in my working career, I am really enjoying this time to reorganize the apartment and inject a little color into our lives. If the room has a clean day, I will post photos, if not, you'll just have to use your imagination ;-) . Happy decorating all!

Mrs. A

Monday, July 16, 2012

Naked in Public

Hello!! Sorry for the radio silence. Even though I am currently unemployed, I am finding myself curiously busy. Just wanted to drop in and give you a snapshot of my day.

Unpacked a bit from our awesome vacation.
Went grocery shopping.
Unloaded groceries.
My husband tells me that my underwear is completely visible through my yellow skirt.
* Mortified that dozens of strangers got a glimpse of my undies* 
To me, that is the equivalent of being naked in public.


PS - vacation pics being sorted. Will post soon.

Monday, July 2, 2012


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