Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interview Outfits...maybe

Big interview next week! Super excited!! It's for a corporate marketing position (so grown up right?!) I had a really good phone interview with them this week and it sounds like an amazing opportunity, but I need to work on my "professional look." I have lots of clothes for a business casual work day, and a day in the park, but not much in the suit department. I took some pics of items that I do have (yes, I know you can't see my feet. I was using a self timer and couldn't tip the camera down). Yes, they are all a variation of the same black suit (ignore all the wrinkles). It's the only one that fits. The outfits are in order of my favorites (left to right). Yes, we are still going shopping on Sunday (outlets, maybe KOP? H&M has some great options too).

Ultimately, I would love a navy suit and a dress that could work with the navy blazer or be worn on it's own as a cocktail dress. I have these on my wish list:
{The Limited}
So, who wants to gift me a few hundred dollars? Heart heart.

Mrs. A


Christa said...

I would agree with you wish list. I say outfit 1 or 3 but tuck in the blouses. Good luck!


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