Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh IKEA...

IKEA. A love/hate story.

I love IKEA. It's like playland for adults. Emily and I spent an evening there last week. It was AWESOME. Then the next day is full of papercuts while assembling boxes. And the weekend is the true test:- furniture assembly. (alternative post title: IKEA: testing marriages everywhere.) We are now the proud owners of a new HEMNES dresser and we didn't kill each other! It actually went pretty well, this was the most that I've helped with a furniture assembly project. I assembled all the drawers. We only made the first 4 inside out (stupid cam locks..)
And to give our very black and white bedroom some color, I bought a set of JANETTE curtains (as did Emily). I can't wait to pick up some curtain rods and get those bad boys up on my wall. It will be awesome.
If only IKEA also came with a clothes put-er away-er (yes, I just wrote that. Seriously guys, it's a genuine need). In other news, the coffee table is really coming along! The bottom is painted (thanks for the paint B+R) , and the top still needs to be re-stained and polyurethaned, but it is looking great! During this lull in my working career, I am really enjoying this time to reorganize the apartment and inject a little color into our lives. If the room has a clean day, I will post photos, if not, you'll just have to use your imagination ;-) . Happy decorating all!

Mrs. A



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