Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WW Update

Weight Watchers Update - Week 9:

To date I am down 9 lbs. I would still like to lose 14lbs more. This weekend I will be trying on my mid goal dress. I plan on wearing it to a wedding in 2 weeks....we'll see if it fits. If it doesn't..I'll need a Plan B.....

I NEED motivation to exercise more. My health nut friend assures me that once I get into the routine of exercising, it won't be so bad. Be one with the elliptical.....yeah, we'll see.

Mrs. A


Roselyn said...

We just got bikes last weekend, so you should get your bike all fixed up and we can ride the trail :)

Sarah + Mark said...

We're heading to my parents' tomorrow. I'll try to pick it up then!


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