Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something for me...

I made a decision last night. I decided that it's time to get off my  butt and lose the weight that I've "collected" over the past few years. I joined Weight Watchers Online last night and I super excited! Since I joined before dinner last night I didn't really expect the day's food intake to fit into the Points for the day, but they did! With 2 Points to spare.

Yesterday, was an atypical day though, I didn't snack AT ALL since I was super busy with work. I am excited, but a little nervous to see what the weekend will have in store for me. We have a water-park on Saturday and a birthday dinner on Sunday for my sweet Grandmother who is turning 80! My mom has offered to be my cheerleader since she had been through the WW program. So we shall see!

Mrs. A



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