Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tiny giraffe, why are you not real?

Mrs. A


Roselyn said...

List time!!

1. I love that little giraffe. We should find them somewhere in the wild and bring them home.

2. I CANNOT wait for you guys to be closer! June 12th might not work for us though (sad). Brian has a trap shoot that weekend, but we'll work something out.

3. My sister had a baby today and that is shocking to me, just thought you should know.

4. My kids are currently taking the Writing PSSA test. That means I should be grading all the stuff I have stockpiled. But I'm not.

5. I made a SUPER yummy tortellini soup for dinner last night. I was going to send you a picture, but we ate it too fast for it to be documented.

That is all. Have a nice day :)

Roselyn said...

P.S. None of what I just said is an April Fools joke. Just thought I'd reassure you on that.

P.P.S. This comment isn't an April Fools joke either.

Sarah + Mark said...

I love that you make lists too!
1. I will find the mini giraffe, and make it mine!
2. Then you guys can pick the Sunday in June. :-)
3. Give the baby a hug for us!
3.5. Your little sister just had a baby. She's my brother's age. Weird.
4. Slacker.
5. lol - that usually happens when I try to document food.


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