Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hello All!

I was thinking today about the wedding (when am I not). I realized that many of you don't know about Riverdale Manor (ie: the place we'll be getting married). So, I will play tour guide. When you turn at 62 Pitney Road, you will probably be wondering why you are driving down an alley. This is normal. That was my first reaction, and I thought we were lost.

Once you reach the wrought iron gate the scenery morphs from construction site riddled with potholes into a rolling lawn with natural water feature (ie: Conestoga river) and a picturesque farmhouse.

The farm house was built in the 1800's and has been fully restored. The ballroom was build to look like an old barn, but hasn't had it's 10th birthday yet.

The pavilion where the ceremony will take place was completed earlier this year.

Photos are all courtesy of Riverdale Manor and their respective photographers.

PS- Engagement photo session tonight, hopefully, if the rain holds off!



Anonymous said...

We are both having receptions in barns!!! How Lancaster County are we? Just remind people that no livestock reside in these barns. :)



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