Monday, January 12, 2009

Dress Shopping

Hello All-

I went dress shopping this weekend with Dani (& Haley), Mom and Grandma. We went to Weddings by Paulette and Alfred Angelo. Both were alright. I found two at AA that I liked but nothing so far that I'm thrilled with. So the search continues... We have an appointment at David's Bridal on Tuesday, so hopefully something will amount from it.

In other news, Mark and I worked on our registry this weekend at Koh'ls and Target. I think after one more round of edits we will have it finalized. The first trip to Kohl's was fruitless. We spent an hour scanning items for our registry and the customer service guy managed to delete everything we had entered. So we went back on Sunday and were able to recify Saturday's faux pas. All is well now and the planning continues!

Ciao for now!

-Future Mrs. Aldrich



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