Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Planning for the Month


This past weekend my dear sister-in-law, Roselyn, and I tried some freezer cooking this weekend. We followed the instructions we found on Pinterest via The Test Kitchen of Melissa Fallis. We will be trying the Teriyaki chicken tonight, hopefully we like it!

When we put all the food into the freezer, I took inventory of all the remaining food in our freezer and made a menu for the month. Hopefully this will help us stay organized and maybe even save a bit of money in the process!

Mrs. A


Roselyn said...

How'd the teriyaki turn out?

Sarah + Mark said...

It was pretty good. It needed something, maybe I'll steam some broccoli and add it when serving. I did add extra garlic,shredded the chicken, and thickened the sauce.


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