Friday, August 28, 2009

Much anticipated updates!

Hello All,

I apologize for the lack of updates, I have been quite busy with things related and non-related to our upcoming nuptials.

Nuptial Related News
For the Lititz folk: Our engagement announcement was in the Lititz Record last Wednesday (8.19.09)
For the Lancaster folk: Our will be in the the Lancaster Sunday News on 9.6.09
For the folks up north: I'm not sure when it will appear in the Montrose paper, but my future mother-in-law has kindly submitted it for us *Thanks Cathy* :-)
For those out of state: once I get my hands on a copy I will scan it and post it on here.

We still do not have a salon that will do our hair. I have requests in at 2 salons...but hopefully they can get a few stylists to agree to work a Sunday morning. Maybe we'll have some more luck next week. :-/

Non-nuptial related news
Mark and I are going up to his parents tonight for a long weekend. And taking a day trip to the Finger Lakes in New York. There will be wine tasting and maybe some touring...if the rain holds out. Maybe there will be some pics of our adventures up North!




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