Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy BDay Steph!

Hello to all!

Today is Tuesday. This day marks the 5th official day Mark has been in the new apartment. It's coming along nicely. Just a minor faux pas with some rain this past weekend. Nothing some sunshine and a windy day can't handle.

The rehearsal and luncheon for Brian and Roselyn's wedding was also on Saturday. Beautiful ballroom. It's at the Eden Resort. I'm loving the fountain. After the luncheon the ladies went to Shear Sensations in the LTZ for a time honored tradition- the bachelorette party. The pedicures were amazing. I could really get used to that kind of pampering. The Brother-in-law to-be surprised his future wife with a white stretch limo to drive the gals to Harrisburg for dinner and drinks. I hope the bridesmaids had a grand ole time painting the town red!

Melissa and I headed back to the apartment after our pedicures. Mel, Matt, Mark and me (I know it's supposed to be "I" - I just like the alliteration) went to Iron Hill for dinner :heart: love their nachos.

B & R's wedding on Friday! Wow....only 3 days left to be a single gal! Enjoy it Ros!

And in other news the official countdown in under 5 months! 4 months 29 days to be exact!

The (other) Future Mrs. Aldrich


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah for the birthday wishes!

I am always impressed by how well you have your life all put together. So organized! I can't wait to see the future Mr. & Mrs. Aldrich's beautiful day!



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